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May 2, 2024


Your Pie

a franchise?

Your Pie

Your Pie is a prominent name in the fast-casual pizza restaurant franchise sector, known for its unique position as America's first fast-casual pizza restaurant. This brand has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive pizza industry by emphasizing quality, community, and a people-first approach since its inception in 2008. Your Pie began its journey in the fast-casual pizza restaurant industry in 2008.

The brand's differentiation lies in its offering of high-quality, brick-oven pizzas that are made with fresh ingredients, innovative recipes, and a wide array of choices, all delivered with remarkable speed. In addition to pizza, Your Pie's menu includes an array of chopped salads, paninis, gelato, and a selection of craft beer and wine, catering to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

The brand's mission revolves around creating a globally admired culture that enhances the lives of the Your Pie family, with a strong emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and an inviting culture that resonates with both customers and franchisees​​. Your Pie supports its franchisees through every step of the process, from site selection to grand opening, and offers comprehensive training at Your Pie University. This support system ensures franchisees are well-prepared to deliver the Your Pie experience in their local communities​​​​.

Your Pie is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and has established a strong presence across the United States. The brand continues to seek qualified candidates to join the Your Pie family, emphasizing leadership, community involvement, and a passion for quality food and service as key traits of successful franchisees​​.

How many

Your Pie


are there?

In 2022, there were
outlets in
the United
States, of which
are franchises, and
are corporate-owned.

What are the

Your Pie



Advertising fee

2% to 4.5%

Initial Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee is a lump sum payment of $35,000 due upon signing the Franchise Agreement.

Royalty Fee

The continuing service and royalty fee is 5% of the Restaurant's Gross Sales, payable bi-weekly.

Advertising and Development Fund Contribution

The contribution to the Advertising and Development Fund will not exceed 2% of Gross Sales, payable bi-weekly.

Management Fee

A management fee of $500 per person per day, plus costs and expenses, may be incurred under certain conditions such as the death or disability of the Operating Principal or in cases of default or abandonment.

Non-Compliance Fee

A non-compliance fee of $1,000 may be charged for failure to comply with System Standards or the Agreement, with an additional $250 per week until compliance is achieved.

Renewal Fee

A renewal fee of $10,000 is required for acquiring a successor franchise term, subject to certain conditions.

Transfer Fee

A transfer fee of $10,000 is payable before the completion of a franchise transfer, with exceptions under certain conditions.

Note: The fees presented here can be found in the Item 5 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. For a complete list of all the fees borne by the franchisee, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.

How much does

it cost

to start a

Your Pie


It costs between
to start a
Your Pie
Type of Expenditure Amount
Initial Franchise Fee $35,000
Utility and Security Deposits $2,500 to $12,000
Leasehold Improvements $113,750 to $535,000
Computer System $5,000 to $10,000
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment $150,000 to $235,000
Signage $4,000 to $18,000
Professional Fees $2,000 to $10,000
Architectural Plans and Civil Engineer $8,000 to $12,500
Office Equipment and Supplies $1,500 to $5,000
Business Licenses and Permits $2,500 to $7,000
Opening Inventory and Supplies $12,500 to $12,500
Grand Opening Marketing $15,000 to $15,000
Training Expenses (out-of-pocket costs for 3 people) $7,000 to $9,000
Insurance – 3 months $500 to $3,500
Additional Funds - 3 months $10,000 to $20,000
Total $369,250 to $939,500

Note: The table above provides a snapshot of the main costs associated with starting the most common franchise format (as disclosed in the Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document). For a complete overview of all the expenses involved with the various formats offered by the franchisor, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Your Pie



to its


Your Pie

The franchisor provides comprehensive training to franchisees, which includes both classroom and on-the-job training components. The initial training program is designed for the Operating Principal and two full-time Managers, who must complete the training to the franchisor's satisfaction. This training covers various aspects of operating a Your Pie franchise, including marketing, financial management, labor management, technology, vendor relations, and food safety.

Initial Training Program

  • Your Pie New Franchise Owner (NFO) Training: This segment includes classroom training at the franchisor's headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, covering marketing, financial management, labor management, technology, and vendor relations.
  • Your Pie Position Training/Team Member: This segment involves on-the-job training at a certified training site designated by the franchisor, focusing on practical aspects like opening and closing procedures, labor management, inventory/ordering, technology/POS systems, and food safety.

Ongoing Training and Support

  • The franchisor offers ongoing training and support, including periodic refresher training courses, assistance with the Restaurant's grand opening advertising program, and guidance on operation based on reports or inspections. This includes advice on standards, specifications, operating procedures, purchasing, advertising, marketing, employee training, and administrative procedures.
  • The franchisor may also provide additional or special guidance, assistance, and training upon request, as deemed appropriate.

Additional Training for Subsequent Restaurants

  • If a franchisee opens additional Restaurants, the Operating Principal is not required to attend initial training again, provided there are two Certified Managers who complete the initial training for each new Restaurant.


Your Pie




The franchisor does offer territorial protections for franchisees. Specifically, the franchisor designates a "Territory" for each franchise, and if the franchisee is in full compliance with the Franchise Agreement, the franchisor and its affiliates will not operate or grant a franchise for the operation of another Your Pie Restaurant within the Territory during the term of the Agreement.

However, this territorial protection excludes "Non-Traditional Sites," which are locations generating independent customer traffic flow, such as military bases, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, and similar venues.

Despite these territorial protections, the franchisor reserves several rights, including:

  • The right to provide, offer, and sell goods and services that may be similar to those offered at Your Pie Restaurants, through different distribution channels, both inside and outside the franchisee's Territory.
  • The right to operate and grant others the right to operate businesses offering dissimilar products and services under the franchisor's Marks, both inside and outside the franchisee's Territory.
  • The right to operate and grant others the right to operate Your Pie Restaurants at Non-Traditional Sites within and outside the franchisee's Territory.

Can a

Your Pie


be run as

a passive


The franchisor requires franchisees to actively participate in the actual operation of their franchise businesses. Specifically, franchisees must appoint an Operating Principal among the owners who will devote significant attention to the supervision and direction of the operations of the Restaurant. If the franchisee is an individual, this Operating Principal will be the individual franchisee.

In the case of a franchise owned by an entity, a principal with a minimum of 5% equity ownership interest must serve as the Operating Principal. The identity of the Operating Principal must be communicated to the franchisor, and any changes to the Operating Principal require the franchisor's consent. Furthermore, each franchise must have two on-site full-time managers (one of whom may be the Operating Principal if qualified) who are responsible for the day-to-day management and proper operation of the Restaurant.

These managers must be present at the Restaurant for significant periods of time and must successfully complete the franchisor's initial training program. The franchise agreement also mandates that all owners personally guarantee the franchise's obligations under the agreement, indicating a commitment to the business beyond just financial investment​​.

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