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May 2, 2024


Which Wich

a franchise?

Which Wich

Discover the delightful world of Which Wich, an American fast-casual restaurant chain that boasts a presence in over 220 locations spanning 36 US states and beyond.

Founded by a restaurant entrepreneur Jeff Sinelli in 2003 in Dallas, Texas, where it is currently headquartered, Which Wich is renowned for its simple sandwich ordering system and customizable sandwiches.

Today, Which Wich is part of the Sinelli Concepts Int'l. Inc. family, having began its franchising journey in 2004 and continues with its innovation in the culinary world.

The brand takes pride in its menu that's brimming with flavor, featuring an array of sandwiches, salads, cheese, chips, milkshakes, cookies, spreads, and vegetables.

How many

Which Wich


are there?

In 2022, there were
outlets in
the United
States, of which
are franchises, and
are corporate-owned.

What are the

Which Wich



Advertising fee


Initial Franchise Fee ($30,000 for the first Store; $25,000 for each subsequent Store)This fee grants the franchisee the right to operate a Which Wich store and access the brand's proprietary systems and support.

Royalty (6% of Gross Sales)This is a recurring fee paid by franchisees for the continued use of the Which Wich brand and its associated systems. It's calculated as a percentage of the gross sales of the franchised outlet.

Advertising (6% of Gross Sales)

  • Brand Development Fund Contribution (3% of Gross Sales): This fund is used for national campaigns or to create brand awareness at the national level.
  • Local Advertising Expenditure (1% of Gross Sales): Each year, franchisees are required to spend this amount on local advertising. The expenditures must conform to the franchisor's standards and be documented quarterly. Any amounts contributed to a franchisee advertising association will be credited toward this local advertising expenditure.
  • Media Fund (Up to 2% of Gross Sales): Upon the opening of the 1,000th WHICH WICH® Store, franchisees may be required to contribute up to 2% of Gross Sales to support national advertising placements.

Note: The fees presented here can be found in the Item 5 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. For a complete list of all the fees borne by the franchisee, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.

How much does

it cost

to start a

Which Wich


It costs between
to start a
Which Wich

The total investment necessary to develop one store ranges from $253,500 to $822,250. This investment covers a variety of costs, from the initial franchise fee to leasehold improvements, equipment, and initial inventory. The detailed breakdown table below provides a comprehensive view of these expenditures, helping potential franchisees make an informed decision.

Which Wich Franchise Initial Investment:

Type of Expenditure Amount
Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
Initial Application and Document Preparation Fee $250 to $750
Site Selection Assistance $0 to $1,000
First Month’s Rent and Security Deposit $2,000 to $14,000
Leasehold Improvements $90,000 to $375,000
Store Design Consulting Services $0 to $1,500
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, and Signage $106,000 to $292,000
Initial Training Costs $0 to $15,000
Pre-Opening Consultation $0 to $1,000
Opening Assistance Costs $0 to $5,000
Computer Hardware and Software $1,500 to $15,000
Initial Inventory/Supplies $7,500 to $12,000
Professional Services $2,500 to $7,000
Opening Advertising Expenses $3,500 to $10,000
Insurance $250 to $3,000
Additional Funds (three months) $10,000 to $40,000
Total $253,500 to $822,250

Note: The table above provides a snapshot of the main costs associated with starting the most common franchise format (as disclosed in the Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document). For a complete overview of all the expenses involved with the various formats offered by the franchisor, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Which Wich



to its


Which Wich

Here's a comprehensive overview of the training program offered by Which Wich:

  • Training Duration and Location: The training spans over two consecutive weeks. The classroom sessions are held in Dallas, Texas, or can be conducted remotely or virtually. On-the-job training might take place in Dallas or at one of the Certified Training Stores located throughout the U.S.
  • Training Breakdown: Classroom Training: 30 hours On-the-Job Training: 50 hours
  • Training Content: The training covers a variety of subjects, including manager duties, POS overview, technology, system operating tools, and computer/POS training.
  • Additional Training: Franchisees might be required to attend additional courses, seminars, and training programs. This could include online training, regional meetings or seminars, traditional classroom training, and programs offered at the Which Wich Franchise Meeting. There might be a charge for these additional courses.
  • Training-Related Expenses: While the instructors and training materials are provided at no charge, franchisees are responsible for all other training-related expenses. This includes travel, lodging, dining, and any tuition/attendance fees for third-party programs.


Which Wich




Franchisees of Which Wich will operate their store from a location that they select and that is approved by the franchisor. However, they will not receive an exclusive territory.

This means they may face competition from other franchisees, outlets owned by the franchisor, or other distribution channels or competitive brands controlled by the franchisor. Relocation of the store is also not permitted without prior written consent from the franchisor. Furthermore, franchisees do not have any right of first refusal to obtain additional stores.

The franchisor retains the right to develop other business systems using the same or different marks and license them to others in the development area. They can also advertise and promote the system in the development area and offer and sell similar or different products and services in the development area.

Can a

Which Wich


be run as

a passive


The Franchised Business must be supervised on-premises by an "Operating Principal."

If the franchisee is an individual or general partnership, the Operating Principal will be the individual franchisee or one of the general partners. If the franchisee is a business entity, the Operating Principal must hold at least a 10% equity interest in the business entity.

If the franchisee operates multiple Which Wich stores, or if the Operating Principal will not devote full-time efforts to the management and operation of the store, then, in addition to the Operating Principal, the franchisee must appoint an individual to serve as a "District Manager."

This District Manager does not need to have an equity interest in the franchise but must have completed the initial training program to Which Wich's satisfaction and must live in the market where the majority of the stores are located.

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