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May 2, 2024


Lawn Doctor

a franchise?

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor, a renowned name in the lawn care industry, presents a compelling franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to venture into a growing and profitable sector. Lawn Doctor is headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey​.  Established in 1967 and franchising since the same year, Lawn Doctor has expanded its reach offering a range of services including lawn care, pest control, and tree and shrub care.

This franchise is known for its high customer satisfaction and retention rates, which stand at over 80%, reflecting the quality and reliability of its services. With a strong focus on training and support, Lawn Doctor ensures that franchisees are well-equipped to succeed, offering extensive initial training as well as ongoing training and support through various platforms such as regional business meetings, annual conferences, and weekly webinars.

Lawn Doctor operates in a $78 billion-a-year industry, making it a recession-resistant business with a model that generates recurring revenue through annual programs with multiple revenue streams. The franchise offers single and multi-territory opportunities across the nation, catering to entrepreneurs with different investment capacities and business growth aspirations.

For individuals passionate about providing professional lawn care solutions and interested in building a business with a proven model in a lucrative industry, Lawn Doctor presents a unique opportunity. The franchise's commitment to excellence, combined with its innovative approach to lawn care, makes it an attractive option for those seeking to invest in a business with a solid foundation for success​​​​​​.

How many

Lawn Doctor


are there?

In 2022, there were
outlets in
the United
States, of which
are franchises, and
are corporate-owned.

What are the

Lawn Doctor



Initial franchise fee

$118,950 - $122,000

Advertising fee

5% + 5%

Initial Franchise Fee

The total nonrefundable initial franchise fee is $117,000. In certain states where conditions are not conducive to a seeding program, the Turf Tamer Power Seeder is removed from the package, reducing the initial franchise fee to $113,950.

Royalty and Service Fee

Strategic-Partners agree to pay a weekly royalty and service fee amounting to ten percent (10%) of the Net Revenues of the Strategic-Partner's Lawn Doctor Business for the immediately preceding week. This fee is due by Thursday of each week during the term of the agreement​​.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee starts at $150 per month and is scheduled to increase to $250 per month once the cumulative Net Revenues of the business reach $1,000,000. The document reserves the right to increase the monthly Technology Fee up to $500 per month during the term of the Franchise Agreement. The first payment is not due until the business commences operations​​.

Marketing and Advertising Fees

Strategic-Partners may be required to contribute to local and national/regional marketing funds, with contributions determined by a majority vote of Lawn Doctor Businesses in the local fund or directed by LDI for national/regional funds. Specific percentages or amounts for these contributions are not provided in the excerpts​​.

Lease or Rent Fee

Specific lease or rent fees are mentioned for equipment like the Turf Tamer Stand-On Applicator and Turf Tamer Power Seeder, with monthly fees of $267.44 plus sales tax and $220.92 plus sales tax, respectively. There are also mentions of lump sum payment options for these leases​​.

Transfer Fee

A transfer fee amounting to seventy-five percent (75%) of the then-current initial license fee component of the initial franchise fee is required for transferring the franchise. This fee is applicable to new strategic-partners entering the Lawn Doctor system​​.

Local Advertising

You are required to spend the greater of $30,000 or 10% of your Net Revenues each calendar year on local marketing and promotion in your territory. If this amount is not spent, you must pay the unspent amount to Lawn Doctor, Inc. (LDI) within 60 days after the end of the calendar year. LDI may use these funds for marketing or promotional expenses at any time​​.

Note: The fees presented here can be found in the Item 5 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. For a complete list of all the fees borne by the franchisee, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.

How much does

it cost

to start a

Lawn Doctor


It costs between
to start a
Lawn Doctor
Type of Expenditure Amount
Initial Franchise Fee $103,950 to $117,000
Service Vehicle $1,185 to $1,235
Shipping of Turf Tamer Power Seeder $0 to $500
Computer Software $225
Computers $0 to $2,000
Opening Inventory $500
Rental Space $0 to $3,000
Training Expenses (per attendee) $1,900 to $2,400
Utility/Security Deposit $200
Insurance $350 to $650
Additional Funds - 3 Months $9,430 to $15,522
Total $117,740 to $143,232

Note: The table above provides a snapshot of the main costs associated with starting the most common franchise format (as disclosed in the Item 7 of the Franchise Disclosure Document). For a complete overview of all the expenses involved with the various formats offered by the franchisor, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Lawn Doctor



to its


Lawn Doctor

The franchisor provides a comprehensive training program for franchisees of Lawn Doctor, which includes various key components to ensure effective operation and management of the franchise. The training program is designed to cover a broad range of topics essential for running the Lawn Doctor business successfully.

Training Program Components

  1. Orientation: This initial phase introduces franchisees to the Lawn Doctor brand, its values, and the overall business model. It sets the foundation for the more detailed training to follow.
  2. Housekeeping and Forms: Franchisees are trained on the daily operational aspects, including administrative tasks, housekeeping standards, and the correct use of various business forms.
  3. Franchisee Paperwork: This part of the training covers the necessary paperwork and documentation required for running the franchise, ensuring legal and operational compliance.
  4. Agronomy: Given Lawn Doctor's focus on lawn care, a significant portion of the training is dedicated to agronomy, teaching franchisees about soil science, plant health, and the environmentally responsible care of landscapes.
  5. Horticultural and Product Safety: This component emphasizes the importance of horticultural practices and the safe handling and application of products used in lawn care and maintenance.
  6. Call Center Operations: Franchisees learn how to effectively use the call center resources for customer service, lead generation, and appointment scheduling, optimizing customer interaction.
  7. Financial Planning and Accounting Processes: These sessions cover the financial aspects of running the franchise, including budgeting, financial planning, managing accounts, and understanding the financial metrics critical to the business's success.
  8. Marketing Strategies: Franchisees are trained on the marketing strategies specific to Lawn Doctor, including local marketing initiatives, digital marketing, and brand promotion to attract and retain customers.
  9. Sales Strategies: This part of the training focuses on sales techniques and strategies to effectively sell Lawn Doctor services, emphasizing customer needs assessment, service recommendations, and closing sales.
  10. Lawn Doctor Equipment Operation and Maintenance: Given the technical nature of the services, franchisees receive hands-on training on operating and maintaining the specialized Lawn Doctor equipment to ensure high-quality service delivery.
  11. Servicing Procedures: This includes training on the standard procedures for providing lawn care and related services, ensuring consistency and quality across all franchise locations.
  12. Business Planning/Operations: Franchisees are guided on business planning, operational management, staff management, and strategies for growth and scalability.

Additional Training Opportunities

  • Supplemental and Refresher Training: The franchisor may offer additional training programs to update franchisees on new techniques, products, or operational strategies.
  • Mentorship Program: New Strategic-Partners might have access to a mentorship program, providing additional support and guidance from experienced franchisees or franchisor representatives.


Lawn Doctor




The Lawn Doctor Franchise Disclosure Document outlines that while franchisees are expected to conduct their business solely within their designated territory, the territory protection offered has specific limitations. Franchisees must ensure that none of the net revenues of the business are derived from customers whose properties are located outside their territory.

If a franchisee has customers outside their territory and Lawn Doctor grants a new franchise that includes these customers' properties within its territory, the original franchisee must transfer such customers to the new franchisee at no charge. Additionally, Lawn Doctor retains certain rights that may impact the exclusivity of a franchisee's territory. For example, Lawn Doctor and its affiliates retain the right to:

  • Provide, offer, and sell products similar to and/or competitive with those offered and sold at Lawn Doctor Businesses, identified by the Marks or other trademarks or service marks, through dissimilar distribution channels both inside and outside a franchisee's territory.
  • Establish and operate, and grant to others the right to establish and operate, businesses offering and selling dissimilar products and services under the Marks and other trademarks and service marks, both inside and outside a franchisee's territory.

Can a

Lawn Doctor


be run as

a passive


The Lawn Doctor Franchise Disclosure Document specifies that franchisees (or, if the franchisee is an entity, its owners) are required to continuously use their best efforts to promote the business and must devote their full time, energies, and attention to the operation of the business. This implies a significant level of involvement in the day-to-day operations of the franchise.

Additionally, franchisees must not engage in any business or activity that competes with Lawn Doctor, the franchise business, or the Lawn Doctor system. However, Lawn Doctor may permit franchisees to engage in other non-competitive business activities if they obtain written consent from Lawn Doctor, which may be withheld at Lawn Doctor's sole discretion​​.

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